Jogging with a baby stroller is really catching on. It is a fun way for new and older parents to keep in shape, while bringing their young ones along. And not only is it a fun run. It has several other very good benefits.

  1. It is a resistance sport

Picture this, you are running or jogging on your normal track, only this time, both your arms are stretched out and holding on to the handle of a baby stroller. As you jog you are forced to push the stroller in front of you-as it would be unadvisable to drag it behind you. This confers some resistance as you are jogging. Now, the benefits of resistance workout should not be taken lightly, as they are many and frankly, quite impressive. You strengthen your core and your back muscles, in addition to your leg and arm muscles. And the core muscles are, well, core.

  1. It increases your normal speed

What happens when it comes to running with a stroller is that you initially run slower. It’s an unavoidable derailment. It will definitely happen that on most occasions you won’t make the times you used to make as long as you are running with the stroller. However-and this is the benefit- the next time you try running or jogging without a stroller, it will be so easy to run faster than you have ever run. Because you will have gotten so used to running with the resistance, you will find running your usual tracks without the stroller that much easier. It’s a long term benefit, really.

  1. It gives you some time to spend with your children.

Today’s mums and dads are busy busy busy. So they have less time to spend with the kids. Jogging with strollers enables parents to spend some outdoors time with their children, even when they are just young. In fact, if someone is looking for a way to spend quality time with the entire family, jogging as a family would be highly recommended.

  1. It’s a great way to spend time with other people’s children

Whether you are babysitting or just looking after your relatives’ kids, jogging with baby strollers gives you the perfect outdoors activity. You will be sure to get your work out, and the young one will be cheerful and not as cranky as they would have been if they were cooped up indoors.

  1. It is great for jogging in the city

No seriously, it is. Despite the many people on walk ways and pedestrian tracks in cities all around the world, as long as you are running with a stroller, you will have the crowded streets parted for you as you move along. Maybe it’s because everyone loves babies and those who don’t do not want to show it openly, but jogging with a stroller in the city will make your jogging experience almost hassle free.

I hope you try jogging with a stroller sometime soon. I bet you will love it. You can find more information about the best jogging strollers at